Listen up to Chill In

It has taken eighteen months of hard work, but the recordings for his debut album have been worth the effort. In «Chill In», Benny Horatschek has created a listening experience that combines the best of Mr. Soulsax – from jazz to house. The album, released under the renowned Hamburg label «Kontor», is a collection of ten original compositions and a remix of Loco Slickers. It includes collaborations with long-time musical partners, such as Turkish percussionist Mr. Nova, singer Simone Santos from Rio de Janeiro, the Spanish cellist Cecilia Garcia and singer Yasmine Meguid from New York.

  • Titel: Chill In
  • Release date: June, 2012
  • Label: Kontor (Hamburg)
  • Featuring: Greg Galli, Dominik Eberle, Simone Santos, Yasmine Meguid, Mr. Nova, Cecilia Garcia, Monica Babilon
  • Chinchilla Road

  • All Work And No Play

  • Cruisin' Around 50

  • Mirage

  • Sailing The Pearl River

  • Hope To See You Again

  • One More Mojito

  • Majorettes

  • Train To Istanbul

  • No Go

  • No Go ( Loco Slickers Remix )